A Longines Flagship Very High Precision (VHP) gents quartz wristwatch, with perpetual calendar. Capable of keeping time to ten seconds per year. Has a 10 year battery life.

A floral clock in Weymouth gardens driven by a turret clock movement housed in nearby shed. With gravity escapement. The hands are trough shaped to allow planting of flowers.

Another high precision gents quartz wristwatch, again with perpetual calendar. This watch will go to sleep when placed in the dark, and wake up after five years and still show the correct time. It has a light titanium case.

A pallet stone and escape wheel tooth on a Hamilton 992B pocket watch showing the vast difference in size compared to the floral clock on the left - the pallet stone is 1mm wide.........Taken using a trinocular microscope.

The  balance on a Smiths '8 Day'  Time of Trip  Aircraft Clock     

Programme Secretary  Owen Gilchrist Hon MBHI at the bench

A Brocot suspension on a French 'Four Glass' clock undergoing evaluation.

A pot of gold under the sundial?

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