The following is an example Branch 'write up' of a meeting held by the BHI Bristol Branch. These write-ups are normally produced after each meeting and published in the Horological Journal's 'Branches Section' each month.

Our February meeting commenced with a brief announcement about the forthcoming ‘Clock and Watch Fairs’ being managed by the Branch; the efforts of Committee members, and particularly Donald Hamilton are acknowledged. 

The well attended evening’s talk was from Martin Dickinson, a Swiss trained watchmaker who has worked for many of the major Swiss manufacturers, speaking to us on ‘Horological Hints and Helps’, assisted by the Branch’s video equipment.

This turned out to be an extremely useful and interesting presentation full of practical horological advice, which would be near impossible to glean from textbooks, from an expert repairer who has worked for many years ‘at the bench’. Indeed, the importance of using a good bench and chair was stressed, allowing the body to be properly supported to avoid fatigue and DVT, and encouraging high quality work. Good lighting is vitally important too, preferably from a North facing window - and definitely not direct sunlight.

We learnt about tweezers.... steel, brass, bronze, titanium, plastic and boxwood tipped tweezers, all having their advantages – and how to properly ‘dress’ their tips to reduce the probablity of tiny items ‘escaping’ to be forever lost! Tweezers can be re-profiled to reduce their stiffness thereby reducing user fatigue after hours of use.

We heard about screwdrivers and blade sharpening /profiling to eliminate damage to screws, so vital in high quality work. We were shown movement holders, oilers and oil cups, abrasives and hand tools, where the commonly used types may have disadvantages not initially apparent to all but the experienced.

Doubtlessly Martin could have continued speaking for many hours to his enthralled audience, but he concluded by showing us a diverse collection of his favourite watches as depicted in the photograph.

A fascinating talk full of useful information which was easy to assimilate and hopefully remember.

Next month we have two   Branch members, Lyn Elson and Guy Gibbons, speaking to us-  see the Programme above for details.

                                                                                      Malcolm Pipes.

'Coat of arms' of the British Horological Institute

The new 'West Country Clock and Watch Fairs' are held and managed by Committee members of the Bristol Branch of the British Horological Institute  (B.H.I.)

Our varied and exciting programme of talks to be held by the Branch during 2015 is shown below.   

We meet monthly on a Monday at the 'Globe Inn' near Bath where we have our own dedicated and comfortable room with video cameras, multi-media projector etc. and an excellent selection of food and drink is available.

 The Globe web site is: 

You are warmly invited to attend any of our Branch meetings where you will find a friendly group of keen amateur and professional horlogists from all walks of life. You may wish to consider joining the B.H.I., their web site is:             but you do not need to be  a member to come to our Branch meetings.

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Bristol  Branch  Programme  2015

                                       26 January         Smith's Cheltenham Wristwatches      Owen Gilchrist 

23 February       Horological Hints and Help                   Martin Dickinson

30 March            Repivoting pocket watch wheels +       Lyn Elson

                            After the Distance learing course         Guy Gibbons


27 April             Horological Photography                       Malcolm Pipes

May                     Spring Break - No Meeting

29 June              The Harrison Project                               David Spicer

27 July                A teaching aid escapement

                             for Smith's Industries                            Dave Withers                 

August                Summer Break - No Meeting     

28 September     A horological visit to the Isle of Man    Phillip Gale

26 October          Lantern clocks                                        Richard Stuart 

30 November       AGM / Bring and Discuss                      Branch Members

December            Christmas      No Meeting


                     Meetings start at 19:30, but members arrive for food and a chat from 18:30.

                       This programme is subject to alteration at short notice: Check back.



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